Submission Guidelines

All submitted work will be evaluated by a group of experts and the author/s of the best research abstract will receive a special award. The author/s of the most outstanding pieces will be invited to defend their work amongst their attending peers during the conference.


DEADLINE: MAY 20, 2018


Authors are encouraged to read the submission guidelines; therefore, the option to access the submission form is located at the end. Please note that if your abstract does not fully meet the guidelines, it will automatically be discarded without further notice
Both, Organizing and Scientific Committees of the Conference, cordially invite participants involved in the field to submit abstracts either for oral presentation or for poster presentation.

Please bear in mind that your abstract, if accepted by the committee, might be published provided at least one author is registered by June 8. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to correct spelling and punctuation, and to make sure all details are entered respecting the guidelines regarding format and style.

It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract; accepted abstracts will be reproduced as submitted, including possible errors.

•    Titles: In sentence case (not in capital or lower case only)
•    Authors: full names, in sentence case (not in capital or lower case only)
•    Affiliation: Degree (e.g. BSc, MSc, MD, PhD). Department. Institution. Country. (Do not abbreviate. Separate with full stops/periods instead of commas and/or hyphens, and finish with a full stop/period). In sentence case (not in capital or lower case letters only)



1.    Abstracts will only be accepted in English.
2.    At least one author must be registered in the Congress by JUNE 8, 2018.
3.    The number of authors is limited to 10 per abstract, including the main author or presenter.
4.    A person can be presenting author for a maximum of two abstracts.
5.    No abstract alteration can be made after MAY 20, 2018 at 11.59 pm, Argentinian timeline.
6.    An e-mail address is compulsory to receive information about the submitted abstract.
7.    Authors are not permitted to submit an abstract on work that has previously been published with exclusivity. If additional data or research is added to a previously published work the abstract could be accepted.
8.    Authors must complete the disclosure section in the Abstract Submission Form.
9.    In submitting the abstract, the author also grants the WISTA Americas 2018 the right to publish abstracts in hard or electronic forms.
10.    It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract; accepted abstracts will be reproduced as submitted, including possible errors.
11.    The author/s shall indicate the presentation format (oral or poster) of the submitted abstract. However, the Scientific Committee will decide over the final format.
12.    Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail. Presentation criteria and other details will also be sent in that notification.
13.    The abstract will be submitted under the complete acceptance of all these criteria. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract, if it does not meet these criteria. 


1. The submitted abstract shall contain the following information:        

  • AUTHORS: Full names and surnames of all authors, as well as other data requested during the submission process. Affiliation details must be included correctly, respecting the following format: Degree (BSc, MSc, MD, PhD). Department. Institution. Country. (Please separate with dots, not with comas or hyphens). 
  • TITLE: concise, 30 words maximum in sentence case (not in capital or lower case letters only). Please use only recognizable abbreviations.

The following aspects must be included:
•    Background and objectives
•    Methods
•    Results
•    Conclusions
•    Conflict of interest Disclosure (mandatory)
•    Keywords: 5 keywords maximum.
•    Further collaborators
(include further co-authors if they exceed the permitted number)

2. Text length in the abstract body (excluding title, authors' details, keywords, COI, etc.) shall not exceed 350 words.
3. Standardized abbreviations shall be used. When specific or unusual abbreviations are used, they shall appear in brackets after each complete term the first time they are used.
4.  Review carefully the work before submission.


1. Abstracts will be gathered in thematic areas for assessment and scheduling.
2. Authors must state the THEMATIC AREA (TRACK) in which they wish to present their abstract at the time of submission.
3. The Scientific Committee will always try to respect the author's choice of thematic area. However, this is subject to changes to achieve a balanced scientific program.
4. The thematic areas are: 

  • Challenges affecting the maritime industry
  • Logistics
  • Ports and terminal
  • Gender diversity in the shipping industry
  • Sustainable shipping
  • New tecnologies and disruptive changes in shipping
  • Major incidents response


All abstracts shall be submitted through the online form on the congress website, according to the above-mentioned criteria.

If you encounter any difficulties during the submission process or for further information regarding abstract submission via website, please contact the Technical Secretariat by e-mail indicating in the subject: WISTA Americas 2018.

IMPORTANT: Once you have sent your abstract via website, check that you have received a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive the confirmation, please send an e-mail to:



1. Presentation time: 8 minutes, plus 2 minutes for comments and discussion (in English).
2. Presentation: Windows PowerPoint Projection. The use of the Congress Official templates for Oral presentations is mandatory.  
3. All presentations must include a Conflict of Interest Disclosure in the first or second slide.
4. Material: CD ROM or USB Memory. It must be submitted to the designated area (which shall be detailed in the Congress Program) at least 4 hours before the presentation. The use of personal laptops for the presentation is not permitted.


1. Presentation: A Virtual Poster Exhibition Area will be arranged from the first day of the congress. The use of the official poster template is mandatory.
2. The submitted poster shall be in PowerPoint Presentation format, with the following dimensions: 50.8 cms. tall x 28.58 cms. wide. These specifications shall be followed carefully, as those not adjusted to them may be rejected. The poster cannot exceed 10 Megabytes.
3. Once the abstract is accepted by the Committee, the guidelines to create the poster as well as for its uploading to the website will be published in the Scientific Area on the Congress Website.
4. Virtual posters shall be displayed on Touch Screens located in the Virtual Poster Exhibition Area.

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